We’re here to help you Beam. And we start with your food. Jump into healthier habits with one of our transformative cleanses or make daily clean eating easier (and yummier) with our organic, plant-based ready-to-eat meals, cold-pressed juices, and pantry essentials.

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Come say hi and experience the best smoothie you’ve ever had (seriously...not kidding), paleo waffles so good you just may cry, and a huge assortment of other superfood-packed options.


Tasty greens, fruity blends, delicious nut mylks, and power shots for every wellness need. Pick and choose to your heart's content and ultimately your body's benefit.

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Stock your pantry with all the goods! From gourmet superfood nut butters to our unparalleled superfood proteins and our edited selection of pantry essentials – we’ve got what you need to be ready (and happy) to eat clean on the regular.

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